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Your son, her man…

LADIES WE MUST DO BETTER! A man said something that makes absolute sense, it was clear as the sky after the hard rain. What blew me away was the fact that this man. A person I have never met, he has never met me, yet he showed me something about myself. His message was, “Whatever you want in a man, instil in your son.” Ladies how simple is that? Equip your son with the same traits as you would want in a husband.
Meaning if you want your man to open doors, be polite, and hold a profound respect for you? Then teach your son all of these things and more. We have to take more responsiblity for the upbringing of our sons. Now although with some children it does not matter how good of an upbringing, their are some that are just rotten. But all men are born to a mother. Rather she does her job…well that’s bettwen her and the Almighty.
I am thankful that my boys are up to parr. I am thankful for my family, my parents and most of all, I’m thankful and blessed to have my husband. All of which are the reason my boys will become great men and my daughter will become a strong and great woman.

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